If you are hearing noises in the attic, it could be squirrels. They can cause a lot of damage. They chew through everything, such as wires, wood, material, walls, including plastic. The colors of squirrels are brown, gray, red, and black. To remove them, you could try rodent repellents, trap and release, or try installing an exit tunnel. The goal is to prevent them from re-entering your home. Other methods include soaking a rag in ammonia or another strong-smelling household cleaner and placing it near their nesting area. This method is used to drive them out of the attic. Install temporary bright lighting in your attic which is another method used to drive out the squirrels. If you know where the nest is located, shine a bright flashlight on the nest. Try using loud music or a news program, with human voices, and set the volume loud enough to fill the attic which will irritate and repel the squirrel. Using commercial squirrel repellent, using a natural or chemical type, is another effective method.

Natural squirrel repellents use the urine scent of a predator to drive the squirrels away. Following the product directions, in the attic, apply the repellent near the entry points. You can purchase such repellents online or at most hardware stores. Some people claim that the aforementioned methods work and others claim they do not. Squirrels are territorial and they produce babies, called kittens, twice a year in the winter and the summer seasons. Some USA states have laws against poisoning squirrels. The best method to use is humane catch and release or trap and removal. Research to check your local and state laws involving the removal of squirrels.

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Through their droppings, squirrels carry disease such as rabies, mange, and they have been known to carry Bubonic Plague. These deadly diseases can be transmitted to humans and pets.

Ensure that your pets have been vaccinated against these often fatal diseases. Squirrels will find a warm place such as a chimney to build their nests. To avoid being bitten by a rabid squirrel, hire a professional wildlife expert. The experts know where to find live or dead squirrels and remove them from attics, chimneys, or crawlspaces. squirrels will nest and die in unusual places and they should be quickly removed. Dead animals attract other predator animals and insects. The smell of the dead animal will stay around for months.

If self-help or DIY (do-it-yourself) methods, fail to work, it may be time to call in a professional exterminator or wildlife expert. Hiring a professional exterminator is an efficient way to remove squirrels. A professional squirrel exterminator can determine how many squirrels you have and quickly determine the best method to use to remove them from your attic. Exterminators use humane methods to efficiently remove large amounts of squirrels. Use an internet search to find a wildlife expert or a rodent exterminator experienced with removing squirrels. Also, ask for referrals from friends and family to find a professional exterminator in your area.